Kula`s Home Cleaning

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Bond / Vacate Cleaning - Ask for a free quote. We will guarantee our work, if real estate is not satisfied.

Interior Home Cleaning - $40 per hour. Wiping surfaces, dusting, wiping walls, wiping ceiling fans, cleaning windows, cleaning kitchens, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming & moping

​We offer weeklyfortnight cleaning. Depending on how much you want to be cleaned, will depend on how many hours onsite. ​All cleaning equipment & chemicals are supplied

Cairns Local Lawns

Lawns - Ask for a free quote, Conditions apply for yard size and dumping fees.Includes mow, whipper snip edges, blow down walkways & driveways. 

Guide ONLY on Price; Depends on regularity, picking up grass clippings or mulching grass clippings, height of grass, accessibility to yard / terrain and obstacles in yard.

Starting from;

​400m2 (small) = $50

600m2 (small to medium) = $60

800m2 (medium) = $70

1000m2 (large) = $90

Garden Trimming - $80 per hour. Hedging plants, light trimming trees - (conditions on tree heights), keeping garden beds neat & removing the green waste. 

Spreading Mulch - $50 Labour Hire / per hour. Spreading mulch in garden beds. Wheel barrow mulch to garden beds.

Green Waste Removal - $80 starting price. Conditions apply on size & dumping fees, ask for a free quote.

Whipper snipping only - $80 per hour or $40 per half hour - Edging driveways, footpaths or slashing grass on hillsides. 

Weed Control - Starting from $10 per 5lts of mix

All pricing will be updated and reviewed, every 6 months. Next review 30/12/2018