Kula`s Home Cleaning, busy with family life, jobs and after hours commitments!! Let Kula help you out, to take some of the basic home cleaning duties off your shoulders. We can do bond/vacate cleaning, just ask for a free no obligation quote. We will always guarantee our work

  • We clean all solar energy and solar hot water panels. You want your panels working at 100%, not 70% or 80%. The sunlight needs a clear, clean surface to get the most out of your panels.
  • Water Pressure Cleaning, we can do driveways, walkways & a house wash.
  • Lawn Care, we will mow, trim edges, blow down paths and removal of green waste. Conditions apply on dumping fees & pricing will also determine how often you use our service.


Update on;

Cairns Local Solar Clean & Cairns Local Lawns & ​Kula`s Home Cleaning

Since we have had Kula enter into the interior cleaning, we have had request to do vacate cleans. We are now starting up vacate/bond cleaning.

At the moment, due to a lot of road works, on the South Side & a lot of Land Developments, there has been an increase in dust floating in the air, affecting the solar panels & hot water systems. With a very high volume of calls, we are very sorry if we haven`t been able to accommodate. Thank you, for your patience as we are not going to rush, because our safety on roofs are most important and will work through each job with the highest of care.

If you do use our service, we thank you very much for supporting the Cairns Local Community.